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Suggested routes

Don Duvall will tailor-make your itinerary according to your dates, group size and specific needs. Below are two of his favorites.

10 Days: 1,300km

This allows enough time to do  the Ho Chi Minh trail route via the capital, Vientiane, ending in Pakse, the capital of the South, making it a one-way trip on the bikes and flying out from there. This route includes the incredible karst “limestone forest”, a tour of the caves, village stays and camping on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Riding wise, it includes a good mix of small tracks and smooth roads, always following the tracks of the Vietnamese solders on the way to the war front in the South.

With the support vehicle including camping gear, this is a “killer experience”.

5- 7 Days: 660km

We start in Pakse, the capital of the southern province of Champasak, and do the loop up over the Bolaven Plateau, famous for its coffee, to Attapeu, Dak Cheung Kaleum Ta Oy and back to Pakse, seeing the famous waterfalls of the Bolavens as well as the Ho Chi Minh Trail section along the Cambodian border.


Q:What is the riding terrain like?

A: A good mix of dirt and tar and track and sand, with great doses of variety.

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Q: Where will we stay and eat?

A: Apart from taking our own cook, who will ensure fresh meals for Western tastes, Laos hospitality ensures we will always have good, tasty food, and a roof over our heads. Sometimes that might be a tent, and some accommodation is more humble than other, as we mix it up in local villages and homestays.

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Q: What sort of back-up will we have?

A: In addition to 4-wheel-drive support and an additional Lao guide, we will have all the help and hospitality of the Lao people.

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$190 per person per day (Note that this is an estimated cost, to be confirmed upon your booking request, with a minimum of 5 people booked.)


  • Honda CRFL  250 bikes
  • accommodation
  • four-wheel drive support
  • all food
  • a cook
  • an additional Lao guide

Not included:


Additional costs:

  • XR 400: extra $25 Per day
  • KTM 450 extra $65 per day
  • Bus return for bikes to Vientiane: $75 per unit
  • Lao Airlines plane fare, Vientiane to Pakse: 0ne-way: US$135, returns: US$255.